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Hi. I'm Dave. This is my mess.

I'm a System Administrator
I'm a PHP Contractor
I'm a Computer Programmer
I'm a Technical Support Assistant
I'm an IT Guru

I'm at a loss as to what to call myself.

I'm a guy. A guy who loves figuring stuff out. Playing with computers. Making them do interesting things.

I love the sense of achievement you get when you create something on a computer and it does exactly what you imagined it would. I'm currently quite enjoying the challenge of keeping complex systems running no matter what the users, developers, managers, attackers and fate throw at it.

I have a blog and from time to time I write an article. I write a lot more than I publish, but it will all meet the standard one day and when that day comes, the peasants shall all rejoice.

There isn't any more about me in the biography section but I wish there was. You can contact me in the contact section and if you are interested in my professional services there's always the resume section which hasn't been updated in several years. I keep my up-to-date resume on various job boards where the recruiters go looking.

At the request of my family, I have produced a "wishlist" which contains items that would make me pleased if I found them under the Christmas tree.

I have signed up for all sorts of online sites and some of them are listed below.