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This page is the interface to a little experiment I thought might be interesting. I'm going to attempt to predict your middle name based on your first and last names. Failing that, I will attempt to predict your middle name based on your parent's names as well as yours.
Lately, it's been guessing female middle names for male first names so I've added a gender toggle. It's compulsory so make sure you pick one or the other.

If you don't have a middle name, the middle name guesser won't guess that you don't have one but you may still have some fun with it.

If you have more than one middle name, you will have to pick just one of them to go with. Feel free to make that choice after we've had our first guess, just in case we get it right.

First name:
Last name:


Middle names: 655
First names: 1961
Last names: 2000

Correct guesses: 1026
Incorrect guesses: 4120
Percentage of middle names guessed correctly: 19.9%
Ratio of correct to incorrect guesses: 1:4
This means I get 1 in every 5 guesses correct.