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Sudoku solving version alpha

9pm, 18th August 2006 - Geek, News, Web

Thumbnail of the sudoku page in action.The Sudoku page is now good enough at solving Sudoku games that it can do anything labeled "easy" or "medium" and can do some of the ones labeled "hard". I have the code mapped out in my head that will solve the rest of the "hard" ones but I'm concentrating on adding a few features before I finish that bit.

Which brings me to the features. If you solve a square, the square is highlighted and an elementary explanation of why we filled in that square is printed at the bottom. If you solve ten squares at once, they are all highlighted but no explanation is printed. If you ask for a hint, the square is highlighted but the number is not filled in and the explanation is still printed at the bottom.

The code is also mapped out in my head for more detailed explanations and highlighting (in a different colour) of the parts of the board that lead to the elementary explanation.

The next feature after that will be AJAX. What's AJAX ? It's just a technology that allows the Sudoku page to work without having to reload the entire page every time you click one of the buttons. When you click them your computer simply asks the server for the bits of the page that need to be changed and it changes only those bits. It makes the page seem more responsive because less data is being transmitted to the server and back.

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